Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Gift Show

I have been back from the New York Gift Show for two weeks now and the cool stuff I bought is just starting to come in. It is kind of like Xmas! Even though we do interior and garden design in the studio upstairs from the shop, we carry more than just furniture and pots in the store. It really is a fun eclectic mix of stuff I love. Perhaps it is not as sophisticated as some design shops, but when I get to the gift shows and see all the fun stuff, I just cant help myself. So we really try to come up with a great mix of cool indoor and outdoor furniture and super fun accessories and gifts. That being said, this week we got two orders that have nothing at all to do with each other but are super cool in their own way.

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these chairs! So if one is good, two is better, right? It is called the "Fauteuil Capuche de Versailles" , or the capucine chair, or the porter's chair....... Originating in the 18th century at the palace of Versailles under Louis 15th, it was originally meant for private conversations between two people. The chairs would face each other, say in front of a fire, and you could actually speak softly and be heard in the other chair. The sound carries from one "hood" to another. Crazy! I have seen them in France and always loved them! At the same time, they were using them in England as porter's chair. The chair was placed by the front door of an estate or home for use by a gatekeeper servant who was in charge of screening guests and visitors. I love the history of furniture......

I have seen this vendor at the New York show for a few years but have never really been able to afford them. This time I just did it! I bought two! YIPPEE! They should be in my shop in the next two weeks. I had mine made in a weathered, greyed out wood with gilded gold accents. I chose a luxurious greyed out brown velvet for the seat, the welting and inside the hood and a great burlap and rusted tacks for the base of the seat and the outside of the chair. They are going to look killer in the front window! I cant wait!

As if getting the two of them wasn't good enough, the day after I ordered we went to Bergdorf Goodman to see the Kelly Wearstler boutique and lo and behold , she had two stylized and VERY glamorous version of the same chair! It was a sign! I love Kelly Wearstler! I love my chairs. Then (as if that isn't good enough!) my friend Todd ambled down the hall to use the litter box (he left us still sitting and drooling in the Kelly chairs). He was back in 10 seconds, literally...and without saying a word, grabbed my had and said "come!" He dragged me down the same hallway and when I turned the corner into the Luncheon Cafe......there they were! At least 10 of the same chair! Yellow and blue and oh so lovely! If you ever have the chance - you have to go and have lunch there! Such a lovely space, the De Gournay wallpaper, the view of Central Park, the Capuche chairs! Heaven!

Anyhoo......back to reality.....to compliment the lovely aforementioned chairs are the lovely Gnome accessories to go with all the other gnome stuff I have. I am kind of doing a picnic concept for all my outdoor stuff this season...and these gnome plates and cups would be so fun and cheery tucked into a picnic basket. I brought in some beautiful French market baskets with red leather handles and trim just which are just perfect!
OK then...that's it for now! This turned out to be a bit longer than I expected. Tune in next time and here's to dirt under your nails!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


How can this be? Domino? Dead? No way! I just bought 30 subscriptions (honestly)for my clients in hopes they would love Domino as much as I did! There is absolutely nothing else out there with the style of Domino - the accessibility - the eclecticity.... I am stunned.
I am sure that it will not help - but I am writing a letter to Conde Nast......out of all their magazines...this one? They probably won't be listening, but it will at least make me feel a very little bit better......

instead of just bitter........

I have a secret obsession with garden gnomes. OK, maybe it is not so secret.....and I know it is not particularly cool to like these cheesy little critters, but at the same time - what's not to love. I have never really wanted to admit my love for gnomes in public until now...so here it is....my Official Gnome Outing! YIPPEE! I LOVE GNOMES!

Anyhoo..........I was in New York last week at the gift show and I found myself (much to my 4 travelling buddies' dismay) on a mission for ALL THINGS GNOME. I have always carried a line of garden gnomes in my shop that I love very much - but they are a more realistic gnome, not the crazy gnomes of old...you know, the cheesy ones......so off I went. I found gnome dinnerware, gnome pillows and the ultimate.... GNOME-BE-GONES; which are quite possibly the funniest things I have ever seen! Look at the expression on their faces...and as for the gnomes being hoisted away, they are in full lipstick and mascara....almost in drag! HILARIOUS!

The fellow who is the artist is named Fred Conlon and his company is called http://www.sugarpost.com/ . I carried his product during the winter, like the army helmet turtles and the Venus fly traps, but only now have I discovered the GNOME BE GONES! You have to check out his website and then play the game - he really has an interactive game - GNOME-BE-GONE; THE GAME - you get to shoot gnomes that pop up from behind the rocks....what a stitch!
I will be getting my first shipment of these little lovelies on March 1st so stop by and check them out! I can't wait - I am sure I will take at least one home for myself - or perhaps I will have him make me a giant pair - the granddaddy of them all!