Saturday, May 30, 2009

crave book images

Here are the very colorful images of our shop from the recently released CRAVE GUIDEBOOK: An urban girls manifesto. (craveparty.com) We are so lucky to be included with the other fabulous women entrepreneurs from our area. The books are available at our store for $19.95......... I love that they included a picture of my darling Stella!

MIX Magazine photo shoot!

I am so excited today! We are having a photo shoot in my garden for MIX Magazine (oregonlive.com/mix)- an Oregon food and wine magazine. The feature is called "Friday Night Dinner Party". It is a regular feature in the magazine and is about a group of friends getting together for a quick, fun and stylish dinner - OK I know that the shoot is taking place on a Saturday, but it was a timing thing. We are having 14 friends over for an evening outside - it is going to be 87 degrees today. I will post some personal pictures tomorrow from the event, but the magazine comes out in July! YIPPEE! So now, it is out to the garden to make things pretty and to set a lovely table....off I go! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet Thomas O'Brien

I had such a great day today! I finally got to meet my ultimate design hero - Thomas O'Brien! YIPPEE!!!!! He was in Portland yesterday and today for a series of lectures about his work and his product lines. I just picked up the Visual Comfort line of lighting for my shop and clients - and his lighting is my favorite - vintage modern and always perfect! I am getting his tension pole lamp in black for my own home - can't wait! I have been watching his work in the magazines for the last several years and I think he has such a clean and simple style. Usually I like alot more color abut there is something about his stuff I cannot put a finger on - it just really appeals to me. Anyhoo........I love these kinds of photos - and he was kind enough to indulge me!...And I love his Clark Kent-ish-ness!

This is a picture of a client's project underway - our last post on this project only included the dining chairs and the new draperies, but now we have the lovely buffet by Patagonia Trading Company and the cool lamps by Barbara Cosgrove...all we need now is art! I think this project looks beautiful!

Also included are a super cute new pair of shoes I found at the super cute shoe shop Switch in the Multnomah Village area. You should really check them out - and they are sooo nice - they even sent me a thank you note for shopping there....hmmmmmmmmm..note to self!

It is going to be an amazing Memorial Day weekend in Portland - mid 80's all three days - amazing! I will be working in my front yard getting ready for a photo shoot next weekend for MIX magazine - their feature - Friday Night Dinner Party - will be about outdoor entertaining and in my garden! YAHOO! I've rounded up a ton of new plants to put in from Xera plants mostly Mediterranean and drought tolerant.

One of my favorite plants going in the ground this weekend is Zauschneria Californica ‘Calistoga’ Zn7b (5º to 10ºF) Here is the description from the nursery: One of the very Best California Fuchsia, this variety may actually be a hybrid. Leaves are thicker than normal and very gray and very wooly. Flowers are the closest to true red that we have ever seen on a Zauschneria (and we’ve seen a LOT). Low spreading plant to only 1’ tall and up to 2’ wide. Blooms begin in late July and continue unabated until early autumn. Full sun, well drained soil. Water during its first season in the ground, after that it should be fine. GREAT ON SLOPES. Hillsides where you find Zauschneria in the wild are where they should be planted in a garden. On an incline they will live for YEARS, on level ground. They can be very temporary. Cut back in mid-spring AFTER all danger of frost has passed.

Truly one of my favorite plants (You should see the color of the flower!) - I have it in several forms in my back and side yards and now I am putting 5 plants in the front to tumble over my retaining walls with some evergreen ornamental grasses and some yellow/green variegated, white flowering sedum - super cool! Oh yea, I am also putting in (finally) the new varieties of Echinacea this year - Tomato Soup and Mac n Cheese - a totally red flower and a totally yellow flower - yummy! I'll take pictures and put them up next week - along with the progress on my new back fence - so cool!

OK THEN.....that is it for now......have a good weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

beautiful day in portland....

What a gorgeous day in Portland...a beautiful weekend, in fact. yesterday we had our annual Alberta Street Art Hop - a celebration of local art, music, food and fun. It was at least 80 degrees and we had about 25,000 people on the street - crazy! Our shop was packed all day - YIPPEE! Unfortunately, we were so busy, I couldn't take any photos...sorry!
Anyhoo......... here are some other things that have crossed my path lately...in no particular order.....

I forgot to include this chair in my High Point post, but I found it at the BoBo showroom.....all recycled blocks of wood in a very artistic chair......

This beautiful niche was at Bernadette Breu's shop in Portland....lots of cool stuff,always! www.bernadettebreuantiques.com

I love love these yellow french chairs. So cheerful in the garden!

I love this French gnome by Kiss That Frog - we carry to different styles of this little guy - This little display makes me want a cocktail!

Beautiful succulent display in handmade pots - in Seattle at the garden show....

I have this really fabulous client who recently asked me to help her with her outdoor covered patio space. We needed to recover the upholstery on her existing pieces with some fresh outdoor fabrics - we chose from the Suburban Home Collection from Duralee, these two photos are the before....all the furniture has been painted - the color palette is black, red and green. At first, my client was apprehensive about using black - thinking it might be too severe, but I explained that it would anchor the space and make it feel more sophisticated. Now that the space is almost done, she really likes the black... you can see some of the fabric samples on the pieces, but I won't have the after pictures until next week...we just got the cushions back and they look fab! We are waiting for a killer outdoor zebra striped rug and then I will have the complete after effect...stay tuned!

And finally, up close and personal with Miss Stella...tired after a long hard day at doggy day care....all hail the joys of doggy day care! Such a brilliant idea - I wish I would have thought of it...that and the Post-it note.....

Tune in later this week when I will have photos of my back yard remodel - the fence is starting to look amazing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The CRAVE book is here! YIPPEE!!!

Hello to all our lovely friends out there! Your very own Digs Inside & Out is featured in the newly released book Crave Portland: The Urban Girl’s Manifesto, from the folks that bring you CRAVE PARTIES!! This I an amazing little book highlighting 125 of the unique women-owned businesses in our area! Stop by the shop to say hello, sip an espresso and check out this "must have" little book for only $19.95. Other city publications include, San Francisco (release date 06/09) Seattle, Austin, Chicago & Toronto. Just grab your city guide and go!

What is CRAVE? A CRAVE Party is an exclusive, festive, glam-gal gathering of fun, entertainment, personal pampering, specialty shopping, sippin' and noshin', and just hanging with the girls. For more information on the parties and upcoming events go to http://www.craveparty.com/. We are so excited to have been asked to participate in this project with some of the most fabulous businesses in this amazing city of ours! We would love to share our excitement with you – we look forward to your visit!


JJ, Arnica and Caitlin at DIGS Inside & Out

CRAVE PORTLAND is the most unique and stylish guidebook for city living. It is a celebration of women entrepreneurs that showcases some of the most creative, interesting and gutsy proprietors throughout our city.
You need this book because:

You love quality goods
You expect exceptional services
You want to be pampered
You appreciate attention to detail
You enjoy supporting local, female proprietors
You have absolutely no time to waste
You long to get out and explore the city!


FINALLY!!!!! Our trip to High Point....

WHEW! What a crazy past week and a half it has been! I have been so totally sick from some bug I picked up - probably from the plane - that I could not even get myself together enough to put a High Point Blog together! What a slacker! So here goes....

We had a great time at market - and although attendance was down and not every vendor was having a great time - we sure had a great time! So much to see in such a short time......

These photos are in no particular order. Some stuff I ordered for the shop, other stuff for clients and some things were just too cool and needed to be documented.

Printworks...the AMAZING restaurant at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro...totally sustainable hotel - killer outdoor seating. I love the columnar hornbeam trees...so stately!
...more Printworks...nothing like an outdoor environment on a sunny evening to enjoy a nice cocktail with! ..travel buddies Miss Sue and Miss-T (Misty).

Lillian August collection at Hickory White.

...more Lillian August...

Hickory White - beautiful China Hutch - Skyloft collection, looks extra beautiful with a red interior! Yummy!

My favorite fabric of all times - Chiang Mai Dragon - by Schumacher on a Hickory White wing chair - I think it makes the style so fresh and modern - love it!

Hickory White modern wing chair in oatmeal linen fabric and chrome nailheads - I ordered 2 for the shop...or is it for my home...one can never tell!

The most amazing Baker showroom , Jacques Garcia collection....beautiful, but quite tame for him, don't you think???

..more Baker - they are REALLY trying to modernize their style and appeal to a different crowd lately. Note the Thomas Paul fabric by Duralee - he is everywhere!

..more Baker....I LOVE the handpainted Tibetan doors as art above the nightstands! Great color!

..more Thomas Paul for Duralee at Baker.

.......and again....I actually really love this room - so cheerful and colorful! Love the Moroccan table - white on the outside and coral underneath - just a peek of it!
DEAR GOD! You should have seen this chandelier - again at the Baker Showroom - they now have the amazing Tony Duquette collection! The abalone shells on this piece really reflected the light and was beyond stunning!

...more Tony Duquette...this chair retails at around $11,000.

My friend Sue from SAID Interiors bought this piece from Red Egg - such cool stuff - for her showroom. It is a bar table on wheels - I LOVE anything on wheels. Beautiful lacquered surfaces in a bright acid green.

This rug is the coolest thing I bought on this trip. It is being made just for me in my personal color palette. It is by my new favorite vendor - Red Egg - http://www.redegg.com/ - I ordered a 5 x 8 - all wool...it is completely custom so I won't have it until at least October - and below I have a color of the pom box of all the colors you can choose from as well as my personal color selection. I can't wait to get this piece - it is going to bypass my shop completely and head straight into my living room! YIPPEEEEEEEE.. We can have one made just for you too - there are other styles available as well....so let us know if we can hook you up!

...pom box.....

...my personal color selection - brown in the ground and the honeycomb grid will be the Chinese red and all the quince flower (my favorite pattern, ever!) will be in the rest of the fun colors!

..The only purchases I regret are the ones I did not make...and I regret this.....these are hand carved acupuncture models - male and female - super cool!
Vintage European linen laundry bags and grain sacks - we are getting a ton of these for pillows, cushions and whatever else you can think of to make with them.....

...beautiful outdoor set.....

.....steampunk table...meet my entry hall! this one is coming straight home with me! So delicious!

Beautiful black glass chandelier....

..and it;s fraternal twin - the red glass chandelier. I am putting 3 of these in a bar/restaurant that I am helping with - black glossy walls - gold ceiling - red chandeliers - how sexy!

Silver leatherette Chesterfield - for fall in the shop? Perhaps! The lovely Miss Sue fast asleep sitting up! Tee Hee! Note the beer bottle in the foreground....
.....We've ordered most of this - what a cool collection!

One of my favorite new things - Lucite and chrome French bistro chair - oh yeah - we are sooooo getting this at the shop!
....beautiful collection of faux-bois - this was a really striking showroom!

..the new Robert Abbey Lighting collection.....we carry their pieces - we will have these pieces in the fall but they can be ordered now...
Robert Abbeys' Jonathan (so damn happy) Alder's collection - love it!

....more Jonathan Adler....
...loved this chair ...rustic, classic and sophisticated. A definite yes for fall.
Recycled bolwing alley floor as a dining table - so clever and quite beautiful!

oooooooooohhhhhhhh...one of the sexiest chaise lounges ever! By Veneman - we will be carrying this line in the Spring of '10.

Eric Cohler Lighting for Visual Comfort....I ordered a few of these lovelies.
Vintage Swedish concrete gnome from BoBo. I am weak for gnomes!

Beautiful burlap light fixtures from BoBo.

Reproduction Loius chairs from BoBo in a beautiful oatmeal linen. So simple and classic.

What a statement! Vintage hay truck wheel as art!

Tozai Home showroom display - AMAZING!

Lastly...I walked into this cake decorating shop - my funny and weird friend Todd thought I should take a cake decorating class with him...it just didn't take - anyhoo......I walked into the shop where you are supposed to buy your 10,000 supplies needed to take the class and I found these freaky little sugar things for the top of your cake and they looked just like my darling Stella....weird!

....sugar stella......

..real Stella - weird.

Tune in next time!