Friday, May 28, 2010

Still at Xera.....

Check out this lovely!!! A fragrant shrub rose called Roadway Sunrise.
Dear god.

Pineapple guava flower

I'm out at Xera plants this am and I came across this beautiful
flower. It is currently not raining and all is right in my world.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This week we put together an event/meeting space for a client with a theme was "Back Alley". We also had to create a bedroom vignette for the target audience of the product, which was a college aged , 19-21 year old - kind of a dorm room environment. This is kind of a follow up of a few blogs earlier where we showed you the doors and the sofas being graffiti-d in my driveway.........

WHEW! It was alot of work, but it turned out great! What you can't see is the event lighting and how it really changed the space. It was dark and alley-like with a few flashing "open" and "Bar and Grill" signs. We even had fake rats and cockroaches..hilarious!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love a good before and after..... Consider this one to be an EXTREME MAKEOVER! These chairs were spotted at a vintage shop on SE Hawthorne a few weeks back and I fell in LUV! I love these chairs!!! The hammerhead shape is fantastic, but they needed a TON of TLC. The seat had to be rebuilt and the arms were a bit on the wobbly side....but with the right attention and a to die for fabric.......TA DA!!!!!!! Come check them out at the shop! $845 each...LOVELY!


AFTER!!!!!! WOWZIE!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes I find it difficult to blog on a regular basis. I know I should. I am indeed well intended, but sometimes I can't get it all together. Or perhaps I just need a cocktail instead, or maybe I need to just go to bed or perhaps there is just too much good stuff out there to focus on just one thing, blah, blah , blah..... I have so many images lined up and ready to go, sometimes it seems that I just run out of stuff to say, or are too tired or something. OK, that's it. Thanks for listening and helping to alleviate a bit of my blogging (or lack thereof) guilt.

Anyhoo.......I took a lovely little trip to San Fran with Frenchy and our darling friends Sue & Eric in March. My intent was plant shopping, the San Fran Garden Show, The King Tut exhibit at the De Young, The Science Center and the Aquarium - or whatever it is called ,Flora Grubb, Succulent Gardens, Dim Sum at Gold Mountain, Cactus Jungle, Olive Tree Farm, Chez Panisse and the Ruth Bancroft Garden. We managed everything except Chez Panisse - I guess I forgot to make a reservation a month in advance. Seriously. As my trusty Cherokee has now turned over 186,000 miles, I thought it wiser to rent a mini-van (YIKES!) and drive down. I left the day before everyone else and picked them all up in Oakland the next day. I had already filled up a large portion of the van by then, and had to arrange things a bit in order to get everyone in the van.

Over the next week or so, I will post photos of the trip, bit by bit. Today are the photos from the Aquarium and some of The French one........

Frenchy totally cracks me up. These are my favorite kind of photos - you gotta love a good self portrait!


What great textures!

The orange jellyfish with the blue background were breathtaking!

These frogs were more than a little freaky........kind of looked like cartoon characters...kind of.....but not.

I had never seen a nautilus before....one great big stink eye...creepy, but cool!

Lovely peony!!!

Out at Farmington Gardens this morning and found these beauties.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love the graffitti!!!

I am working on an event next week and in the process of putting the decor plan together. It is going to be a crazy cool party for 70 people with a "back alley" theme. My friend Sam is a tattoo artist and agreed to do this killer graffiti work on 4 sofas, 2 banks of theater seating and 8 doors. Whew! This is just the beginning, so tune in next week to see the entire party! I can't wait! Thanks Sam!
Sofa before.....
...and sofas after.....

The doors look fabulous.......