Saturday, December 26, 2009


How nice to have had a whole day off! I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yippee!!!! OK, I got a little writing done for an article I have due, but you know what I mean. So it is now the day after Xmas and it is time to get back to work and get ready for the New Year, the year of the Tiger!....perhaps Hello Kitty can double as the tiger..I LOVE hello Kitty. It is an illness. There is no cure.

Now that we are racing towards the New Year, it is time to plan for the New Year's Eve Party. If you are going to a lovely party, don't just bring flowers or a bottle of wine, bring something lovely like a beautiful small bud vase by Middle Kingdom or a lightly scented candle by Aquiesse.

Both are under $20 and look like a million bucks!

These porcelain bud vases by Middle Kingdom would be a lovely Hostess or Thank You Gift. I love a good bud vase! These little lovelies are $18 each and come with their own little linen box for a beautiful presentation!
These soy candles (with lead-free wicks) by Aquiesse burn for 45 hours and are available in Mandarin Tea, Timber and Pomegranate Sage - my absolute favorite! There fragrances are subtle and not overpowering. We use the Pomegranate Sage in our shop and are always getting inquiries -"what is that great scent?"

Allrighty then......off I go, time to head off to the shop! Come on down.....We would love to see you!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....The 1st Day...

On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me......

.......a GIGANTIC pair of books - The Almost Everything Book and Zoo-Ology, by Joelle Jolivet. These two books are amazing - perfect for kids and adults. Beautiful illustrations throughout. The size of each book is about 12 x 20 and presents beautifully! Each book sells for $22.95.

Here is a bit from the publisher:


A skyscraper? An igloo? A Bengal tiger? A high-speed train? A horse and cart? Encyclopedic and stylish, Almost Everything & Zoo-ology is full of things both familiar and unexpected, arranged in simple categories -- buildings, transportation, costumes, plants, animals, and much more. The wealth of detail and oversize design is matched by bold, dramatic block print art, in a book that will capture and hold the attention of all who pick it up!


Join us at the shop today until 3 pm - we'd love to help you finish off your shopping list, perhaps with a pair of these great books!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....The 2nd day...

On the 2nd day of Xmas my true love (truly!) gave to me.....
......a Barack and Michelle Obama Paper Doll & Cut Out Book, of course! Just what I wanted! Actually, they are SUPER cool and would make a great gift at only $9.95!! This is the gift that keeps on giving - both educational and fun......and it lasts and lasts...... I am FOR SURE going to take one home for Frenchy!

Here is a quote from the publisher:
"The historic journey of Barack and Michelle Obama to the White House is memorialized in this fun yet fashionable paper doll book featuring the Obamas. For the millions who can't get enough of this remarkable first family, here's a book containing perforated press-out dolls of Barack and Michelle and over 30 mix-and-match coordinated outfits and accessories featuring the Obamas:

--on vacation in Hawaii
--golfing at Camp David
--on election night
--at the extraordinary inauguration and Inaugural Ball
--traveling the world on foreign affairs trip
--rolling up their sleeves for a day of service plus much more!

Highlighting Barack’s uniquely professional, yet down-to-earth wardrobe that reflects his popular persona and Michelle's outstanding taste in fashion, this book is a must for anyone wanting that special "yes we can" kind of day, every day.

This is our 3rd order of them....so I am glad they made it in before Xmas ! YIPPEE!

We hope to see you in the shop before the big day - we would love to help you finish off your shopping list! As always, the espresso is on us! (Boy, have we been going through the espresso!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....The 3rd day...

On the 3rd day of Xmas my true love (or whomever loves you) gave to me......

......a stunning jeweled ladybug ring box. We also have goldfish, octopus' and peacocks! All so lovely - and such a lovely gift! I would love one myself, the goldfish if you please!

Time is running out and you still have a few people on your list - so please come by and pick up a few trinkets! As always, the espresso is on us!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....The 4th day...

On the 4th day of Xmas, my true love (or whomever...) gave to me.....
.......a wonderfully subtly fragrant KOBO candle - in their Portuguese Olive Blossom scent. Lovely! It is my favorite candle scent - it is not too much or too flowery. The packaging is beautiful - already wrapped - and each candle comes with a extinguishing cap and its own package of matching matches. Matchey matchey - that's funny!
Anyhoo.......this would be the perfect scent for your holiday get together, or better yet, pick one up as a hostess (with the mostess) or thank you gift! ....oooooohhhhh - or pick up two - one for yourself, while you are at it!
to help you with your last minute shopping efforts, Digs will be open Mon & Tues (we are normally closed those days) from 11 - 7. We would love to help you find just the right gift! As always, the espresso is on us!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Falling Water or The Flintstone House? You decide.........

Chall making Falling Water in gingerbread form. Who knew.

Little miss sue making a gingerbread house while frenchy and I drink hot buttered rums. Nice work sue!!!


This is of me, Frenchy and the lovely Miss Stella - I almost wet my pants laughing at the end result of this.....you've got to try it yourself! www.jibjab.com.

I was just thinking.......

I was just looking back at my last 30-ish blog entries and I am finding it funny how obvious it is that I love color in interiors, in my shop and in "stuff". What makes it so funny (not ha ha, just funny-queer) is that I never wear any color - only black. OK, sometimes a colored scarf or shoes or perhaps even a jacket, but mostly black. Funny. Just an observation.........

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....the 5th day...

On the 5th day of Xmas, my true love gave to me......

..........an orange retro motel chair, of course! Look at that color? What fun! Don't you just wish for a pair of these to brighten your front porch or to sit nicely at your breakfast table?

We have them in black with white arms and orange with white arms, but they come in tons of other colors and there is even a double seater/bench. The best part, is they are only $100 each! YIPPEE!!!!!

Pop into the shop and take a peek...or have a seat! As always, the espresso is on us!

Sorry........I don't have an image of the black or orange...the red will have to do...you get the idea!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....the 6th day...

On the 6th day of Xmas, my true love gave to me…..

……..a beautiful and colorful lacquer tray to contain all my stuff!

Who doesn’t need a tray? Trays are good! They can make a cluttered surface organized by giving you intentional place to place things; like keys and mail and so on. AHHHH…...form AND function! Delightful!

We are featuring a lovely collection of trays in incredible colors; chartreuse, mango, persimmon and aqua. The perfect size too at just 18 inches square. In case you need more containment, we also carry the matching boxes!

Please join us at the shop this weekend and allow us to assist you in choosing the perfect gift for that special someone or two…. Wouldn’t it be nice to cross a few names off that list you have been carrying around????

We hope to see you soon and remember; the espresso is always on us!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....The 7th Day...

On the 7th day of Xmas, my true love gave to me......

.........an amazing hand knit sock monkey! This is not just your average sock money - it's a sock monkey with a conscious. These knitted treasures are made using the simplest of techniques and the most basic ingredients: wool fibers, rich dyestuff and bare hands by a fair trade cooperative, offers economic freedom, empowerment and opportunities to hundreds of Nepali women.

Few things in today's marketplace are truly handmade so finding these was a real treat!...and don't these just crack you up? So damn cute!

The monkeys come in two sizes - 20" and 40" and they come in 3 color combinations. The 40" monkey is like a toddler, really - so huge! But how cool is that! They range in price from $56.

Come in down here and take a peek - you know you want one......


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The 12 Days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide - The 8th Day...

It has been pointed out that I am technically going backwards in this whole 12 days of Xmas thing, but it has been intentional..I always though it sounded backwards the other way and since this is my blog..I get to make it up as I go along, right???


On the 8th day of Xmas, my true love gave to me.........

........a lovely design book, or two! Who wouldn't love a fabulous coffee table design book by Kelly Wearstler or Jonathan Adler? All three are great sources of inspiration from two completely different viewpoints! I love them both!

The books are from $34.95 - $29.95 each. Stop by and pick one or two up for your favorite deign junkie - they will thank you for it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide.....the 9th day...

On the 9th day of Xmas, my true love gave to me......

.....a few lovely decorative pillows by the KoKo Company......

"The Koko Company began 8 years ago with the simple idea of bringing more of the world into our homes, to encourage the needs of people as they experience and enjoy the influence of other cultures. It is a concept that stems from an awareness of how we live today, and how we cultivate our senses using fabrics and designs from anywhere in the world. Koko is a celebration of natural fibers--linen, cotton, raw silk fibers that breathe and give off an calm, pensive luster. The sturdy weave of the fabrics are lightened by the fluidity of hand appliqué, lace closures, cross stitch embroidery and novelty buttons."

The pillows are priced from $40......

bed sized pillow sham with cheerful goldfish.....

lovely cotton pillow with hand embroidered bird - down filled....

..more hand embroidery.....

So pop on down to Digs and pick up a pair of pillows to liven your space! We would love to see you, and always, the espresso is on us!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 12 days of Xmas Daily gift Guide.....the 10th day...

On the 10th day of Xmas my true love gave to me......

...a few gorgeous mini porcelain vases in beautiful colors by Middle Kingdom Porcelains.

Here is what the Oregonian had to say last week.... (www.oregonlive.com/hg)
Decor gifts under $25
By Special to The Oregonian
December 09, 2009, 1:40PM

The first thing on our holiday wish list? Affordable gifts that we're actually proud to put our name on. This year, skip the novelty items and consider a few of these beautifully practical presents. The recipients will smile -- and since they all cost less than $25, so will you.

Middle Kingdom Porcelain has succeeded in combining traditional workmanship with modern punch. These small porcelain vases are beautifully shaped and glazed by hand. Each piece has a handwritten six-character inscription on the foot, following a tradition laid down by emperor Jing De. Digs Inside & Out - $18 each (and up)
Allrighty then........pop on down to the shop and pick up a few.....each piece comes in its own linen box for a gift that almost wraps itself.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pantone selects top 10 colors for Spring 2010

Hot and fresh out of the Pantone color guide is 2010’s color of the year, number 15-5519 Turquoise.

I found this article about the color of the year in the online version of Interior Design Magazine....
Pantone Selects 2010 Color of the Year
The hue is one of 3,000 colors available in Pantone's line of eco-friendly paint.
Laurel Petriello -- Interior Design, 12/14/2009

The global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, selected the luminous color based on its juxtaposition of tranquil blue notes and energizing green tones. In the essence of color therapy, the hue should evoke soothing, serene emotions, while restoring vigor, zest, and motivation.

“In many cultures, Turquoise occupies a very special position in the world of color,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “It is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky. Through years of color word-association studies, we also find that Turquoise represents an escape to many—taking them to a tropical paradise that is pleasant and inviting, even if only a fantasy.”

A universally flattering color with warm and cool undertones, Turquoise complements neutrals, reds, deep blues, greens, and yellows, making it exceptionally easy to translate to fashion and interiors. The hue is also one of 3,000 colors available in Pantone’s line of eco-friendly paint, which combine the accuracy of Pantone Colors with high-performance Dutch paints.

YIPPEE! Turquoise! Wait until you see what cool outdoor stuff we have ordered for our Spring '10 outdoor collection!

The 12 days of Xmas daily gift guide - the 11th day...

On the 11th day of Xmas my true love gave to me......

A HUGE - 32" tall - Garden Gnome - the King Kong of all Garden Gnomes........meet
Mr. Merlin..........

Pop on down to the shop and pick one of these lovlies up for your love....... Nothing says Merry Xmas like a HUGE gnome!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm at Crafty Wonderland......kind of like an Etsy convention.....

The 12 days of Xmas Daily Gift Guide....the 12th day.

For the next 12 days, we will be hi-lighting some very special items- one a day - each would make a lovely gift......... On the 12th day of Xmas my true love gave to me.....a papier mache Rhino head! Just what I wanted!

The 3 images below are a new line of product we just received at the shop. We got the Rhino, the Zebra, the Goat and the Chicken. All papier mache and from an organization called http://www.aidtoartisans.org/. Here is an excerpt from their website about their mission...

"We create opportunities for low-income artisans around the world to build profitable businesses inspired by handmade traditions. We offer access to new markets, business training, eco-effective processes and design innovation through a network of partners to promote sustainable growth and community well-being. "

I found their booth at the New York Gift Show in August and fell in love with the "taxidermy" heads. The detail that is not immediately obvious from the photo is that the paper is Haitian newsprint - in French...the simplicity of the shapes and the lack of color detail really makes these pieces unique and quite beautiful. The prices range from $112 - $122 each. please stop by and take a peek. Get a beautiful gift and help an artist........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another amazing floral design class with www.francoiseweeks.com!!! What a treat!!! She is lovely!!

If you have always wanted to know how to create beautiful floral display, you HAVE to take a class from Francoise Weeks. Go to her website for her portfolio. www.francoiseweeks.com. We had so much fun at this class and the project that I took home looked completely professional. She provides the materials and the containers and expert help and guidance. Run screaming to her website and sign up for a class....... I've already taken two and intent to take many more. I'm afraid she will think I'm a stalker! YIKES!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


We are lucky enough at Digs to be hired occasionally by a large international sportswear company to help them with decor for some of their biggest and most fun parties / meetings. Yesterday we did a winter decor - without being Xmas - at a beautiful lofted space in the Pearl District of Portland. There was a sit down meeting for 200 and a few happy hours afterwards.
Luckily, I had some great help to make things easier! My trusted friend Todd McAllister of On Stage was a lifesaver, my trusty assistant, Miss Arnica and my new friend Eric really pulled out all the stops to make this a great event - thanks guys!

We had a limited budget and yet still created a beautiful atmosphere.........

A comfy seating lounge area surrounded by a see-thru screen to create a separate space from the meeting area.........white and blue were our colors....

Lounge area from the outside........ creating kind of an entry hall... Note the red lit bar inside the screen.

On the other side of the seating lounge. Cafe tables using traditional Chiavari chairs with a bit of a twist...acrylic. We changed the bulbs in the lights to blue fluorescent as well as the lights inside the soffits on the columns. It provided a lovely glow and made the chairs look like they were glowing. The table cloths were blue / red iridescent and tied together the blue lights and the red light of the bar. The simple white cyclamen in the white pot with a little bit of floral glitter spray gave just the right amount of sparkle.

The event space has a series of support columns spaced throughout so we had a TON of red twig dogwood and vine maple branches crystal flocked and used tulle to strap them to the columns.

Vignettes of frosted dogwood and ceramic spheres as well as tall pots of twigs.....

A white peacock suspended from the ceiling welcomed the guests to the space......

We used Drake's 7 Dees Nursery to do our flocking and they did an amazing job and were a true pleasure to work with!

The stage area.......

The event turned out great and everyone had a great time and we heard that they loved the decor! YIPPEE! i love it when it all works out!