Tuesday, September 14, 2010

almost finished.....

As most of you know, The French one and I have been working towards completion in our ongoing garden re-design project. Whew. That's a mouthful. To inaugurate our new deck and to celebrate our bdays (11 days apart) we had a few people over and I, being totally lame, forgot to take pictures during the party.

To make up for it, here are a few photos of the ongoing progress. We are soooooo close to being done, but here's what we have so far........

This is my courtyard. The parasol is a new piece from Droog Design through Sywawa in Belgium. We have these at the shop - in a beautiful kelly green and this lovely, pristine white.....

This photo is taken from the table with the white parasol. These seating pieces are both by Fermob, from the Luxembourg collection. Love the orange......

..same courtyard, different wall.....and the beginning of my agave collection....oh yeah - and a super cool ponicirus in the silver pot. (Hardy Chinese orange)

.....last courtyard picture and more of my agave collection.......

This shot is from the new deck and boardwalk down into the lounge area - I love this sectional - so comfy! We used the
Duralee outdoor octopus fabric and Aqua Velvet by Holly Hunt - so incredibly durable... This is a seriously lovely place to sit and enjoy a cocktail. There is a stack of cozy blankets on the sectional in case it gets chilly.......

This is from the boardwalk looking up at the new deck.....I can't believe it is finished! SO COOL! 64" square teak table and woven wicker chairs by
Schou, HUGE red pots in the background (48" tall) by Rotoluxe, Marimekko Unikko umbrella by Fatboy and gorgeous orange lantern by Not Neutral...... I love my space!

That's it for now.....more later!


  1. WOW....I am in love! Your agave collection rocks (what do you do with them over the wet winter months?)...and all those different seating areas, all in one garden space? Lucky you! Aren't you just hating the fact that summer is drawing to a close? Back inside to hibernate for months. I hate it.

    BTW I came by your shop today...bought a few things, and have to go back tomorrow for an orange container I missed in the window. LOVE them. I see you've got a couple at home too.

  2. p.s. did you drill the orange fiberglass pots for drainage? Or maybe just pounded a hole with a nail? You must have done something since you've got agaves in them. I'd love to know what you did...

  3. Hey Danger Garden - thank you VERY much for the comments.....I am really lucky to have such a great collection. I do have a small 6 x 8 greenhouse for the unhardy...but I am totally amazed at just how many can survive unprotected during our winters. It is not the temperature they really object to, it is the wet. We have built a few cold frames out of rebuild center windows that we place over the plants to keep most of the rain out...it hels alot!!

    We actually use our outdoor sspaces well into the fall/winter...we have a fireplace in the courtyard that helps keep things cozy. We have a few more seating areas in the front of the house that are under trees and they stay quite dry.

    Thanks for coming in to the shop - you gotta love a great sale...I love the orange pot you got - and I do drill most of them. The spiral aloe in the pot you saw is in a pot that has not ben drilled. Since it is waaaaayyy to tender to leave outside during the winter, I let it collect water through the spring and summer and that lasts through the winter in the greenhouse, s that pot is not drilled. I tried a nail once. Once. It cracked the bottom, so a drill is by far the best way to go!

    Thanks for the plug on your blog! I really do appreciate it!

    I would love to meet you one time...and you are welcome to come and take a look at my agave if you like. The parryi truncata is my VERY favorite!

    Thanks again!