Friday, August 6, 2010

disaster update.......

OK...we are officially on day 11 of being closed at the shop because of the water issue. Today, we had the holes cut into the walls and ceiling and had the carpet ripped out - it seems like more of a mess than it did before. Half of the store is partitioned off with black plastic and all of the merchandise - which was doused with black water - has been removed. We had a POD delivered yesterday so we can get the other half of the store into it so we can have the carpet replaced. ARGH!!!!!

The biggest challenge of all has been working with (but not very effectively) the restoration company doing the clean up. Never in my life have a seen such a disorganized, inefficient, communication deficient company in action. The worst part of it is that they keep trying to make us feel like we are doing something wrong. They have blown the power several times in half of the building - broken several paintings - broken a light fixture - packed up and cart out things they were told not to - continue to leave the front door to the shop unlocked when I asked them to keep it locked, blah, blah, blah. They have extension cords running all over this building, inconveniencing everyone else in the building..and when I ask them to unplug what is running through the lobby of the building (for the evening) so the guests attending the wedding at the ballroom in the back don't trip over them, they give me more crap. Every single person in their organization has a completely different story from the next person and no-one communicates anything to anyone. And when we have the nerve to ask detailed questions or set guidelines for their work, we get HUGE amounts of attitude. I really think they are not used to anyone questioning anything they do. I think they are used to people being in chaotic situations and just letting them do their thing, unquestioned. Sorry, but I am NOT that person. I swear, if they give me any crap tomorrow, that is it, they are out of there. I can't take it any more. As is this situation is not stressful enough, I have to put up with their disrespectful, unprofessional, and discourteous attitude. I don't think so. I'm done. WHEW! That feels better. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

You know, what this situation has really driven home for me is just how important customer service really is. Perception is also really important. They may not think they are being unprofessional (but I swear, they are) but I if perceive it to be that way, then that is their reality. Part of the job of anyone in the service industry - me included - is to try an empathize the other persons' position. It is not my job to know what and why they do what they do, but it is their job to explain it to me, 10 times if need be, and be professional, courteous and respectful in the process. There is nothing worse than having someone roll their eyes in front of you. Seriously.

The company, by the way is Servpro of Greater Portland. I would NEVER recommend their services to anyone. It is the worst.

OK.....I am done...thanks for listening. Here are some pictures of the current mess.

Tune in later.......

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  1. DUDE! Well said! Don't forget to update the sign on the front door. :(