Thursday, September 17, 2009

I cannot believe how many pictures I have piling up.......I thought I should put them out there before I procrastinate a bit more...
I found this line of fabric taxidermy at the Maison show in Paris. Ironically, this booth was literally right across the hall from a REAL taxidermy booth. Funny. All four of these images are by a French artist. I bought the camel (below) and the water buffalo (above) for the shop. I should have them in the next few weeks. I was completely blown away by the artistry of these. I can't wait to have them and I don't care if they ever sell!


Beethoven.......AMAZING! Note the red dot......it was sold before I got there! DAMN!

I would LOVE to have the whole wall! I LOVE LOVE THESE!

I've ordered this beautiful line of porcelain from Limoges in fully saturated colors - this collection has a beautiful toile-ish, fragonard-ish pattern. I chose the federal blue and the spice color.

I have ALWAYS wanted a Citroen 2CV..ALWAYS....so imagine my lust-meter when we found this version - completely upholstered in leather. Crazy cool!

Sorry, this photo is out of order and is from the Limoges collection I ordered. Look at the red chair and see the blue and spice colors.....yummy!

This was, by far, my favorite thing at the show...and there is a bit of a story behind it. So I was in New York at the gift show in August and I went into the DROOG gallery one afternoon while wandering SoHo. There was this AMAZING art installation of a long and wide wooden table with hand blown glass vessels that had been blown directly on the surface of the table - thereby allowing it to ooze over the edges of the table and singe/blacken the top of the table where the glass was placed. Needless to say, it was outlandishly priced and completely out of my reach, ever; but it was truly one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and the image had been stuck in my head for weeks. So, imagine my surprise while wandering the aisles in Paris and running into these...... The best part......totally affordable....so what choice did I have but to order them for the shop? (or me!) These are actually made in France but the wood is reclaimed teak from demolished Thai houses and the glass is blown directly onto the top of the stump..... So freaking cool!!!!!

The above is the new palette for my living room, thanks to the darling Miss Stella. As you will see in the photos below, Stella decided to eat the top edge of the chair - nice - which means it now has to be recovered. This is the chance I have been waiting for - the chance to use my favorite fabric of all time - Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon. I am using the dragon fabric on the inside back and on the seat of the chair and I am using the Kravet Sunburst pattern in the rest of the chair. The sunburst pattern in the fabric mimics the mum pattern on the dragon fabric. The green is by Pindler and Pindler and will be my draperies which will frame the window the chair sits under. The chair is one of the coolest pieces ever.....Heywood Wakefield......such a cool shape! I will post the after photos in a few weeks. I am so excited to see how it turns out!

Stella thought that this looked tasty.....

Such a sexy shape.......

This is a client project in the works......getting closer to completion photos...it is going to be a stunner!

In June, I was in Victoria, BC for the HPSO (hardy plant society oregon) for a study weekend. We visited a number of killer gardens and I lusted after so many plants! Enjoy the photos...


This was an artist from Victoria - great pairing....

What a combo.....Eryngium & Euphorbia

Looks fake doesn't it?

I love the acid green....

Martagon Lilies - I am kind of obsessed with them at the moment - so dramatic in the garden. These were about 5 feet tall - unbelievable!

I have never seen pine-cones quite like these. I have no idea exactly what conifer this is.......maybe someone could identify it....oh please, oh please.......
My favorite of all magnolias- sieboldii - note the Martagon Lily in the background and the color echo....a beautiful combination!

So clearly a David Austin rose - but unknown which variety - anyone? anyone? Bueller? I do have a rose in my garden with the same coloring - a little orange - a little brown - the one I have is called Hot Cocoa. It is amazing in the garden...so unusual.
Another Martagon Lily.......such a beautiful and rich color! Must.....have......martagon.........

This oak tree had the most beautiful branching patterns - it was stunning against the super blue sky - we had a great weekend!
OK then...that's it for now........

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